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Poverty is the root cause of crime essay

poverty is the root cause of crime essay

(study called National Crime Victimization Survey). Most often, poverty is treated as financial insecurity of people, when income of a person or family does not allow maintaining socially necessary consumption for life, interfering with normal living and personal development. It happens because the society judges those who are different, who has different vision, goals, principles and ideas. FBI report shows that these fears have not yet met.

Poverty the root cause of crime '
Is, poverty the root cause of crime, or is it immorality?
Is the root cause of crime poverty or fatherlessness?

It is surprising that people commit crimes, as it is obvious that sooner or later they will pay for what they have done and it is important to take control of the life. The root cause of poverty is the decline of marriage, which produces fatherless children. Poverty pushed them to the breaking point. Being open to discussions, to new ideas, to new opportunities and options, people can stop thinking about committing a crime because they are poor. No guarantees from the government and no proper help to people who are poor, leads to the chaos and misunderstanding, where the only way out they find is to commit a crime.

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The values of the society are built the way that those people with the problems in their minds decide to bring closer all these luxurious things. In addition, low wages and lack of jobs, experts say, are pushing young people to commit crimes in order to get rich quickly. . If we deal only with short-term problems in order to achieve short term objectives rather than to focus on strategic issues of economic and social development, we may miss the last chance to make the country the basis for a viable, long-term development based. Then 74 of Americans said that compared with last year the crime rate in the.S. So what is that root cause? At a gain now there is 80 of the totality of the causes of crime at this time. As a fact, 12 of respondents said that the situation with crime in their place of residence was very serious; the crime rate across essay on national festivals the United States similarly estimated 55 of respondents. . Our efforts were directed towards the elimination of poverty. This intergenerational poverty effect persists even after adjusting for the original differences in family income and poverty during childhood.26. There can be also hope that the more people get more education, the more they get knowledge, the better they understand life and the rules to survive.

The root cause of poverty is the decline of marriage, which produces fatherless children. Unfortunately, some people promote the decline. The relationship between single-parent families and crime is so strong that controlling for family configuration erases the relationship between race. Obviously, if poverty were the cause of crime, then no wealthy people would commit crimes.

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