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Jackson pollock research paper

jackson pollock research paper

we will write a custom essay sample on Jackson Pollock Working Methods Essay specifically for you. He was mentally sick. S his first psychological treatment from psychoanalyst. Expressing he energy, the motion, and other inner forces.11 He meant from this exert that modern artists did not just draw inner force energy from themselves, but from the world around them. By the age of twenty-five he had been in a car accident which was his fault, and had been arrested in Martha? The West of Pollock's childhood provided a tough upbringing, but he grew to love nature - animals and the expanse of the land - and while living in Phoenix in 1923 he discovered Native American art. He had studied about the Southwest Indians that made sand paintings as a ritual to heal an unhealthy or diseased person. S good life influences was Thomas Hart Benton who not only gave him his first true guidance in painting, but also introduced him to popular literature on psychology and to literary friends with special interest in the mind and its workings. This put an enormous strain on the artist during his short life ( 3, 4 ).

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Jackson had an exceptional interest the profession of arms essay in sand paintings. His drawings also were different in the way he approached them stylistically; some were very accurately drawn showing crisp edges, finished delicately. For example, the moon had a tremendous effect on him, and he liked gardening. Within his complexity came out a brilliant artist that was widely considered the most influential painter of the 20th century. His brother, Sanford who taught as an apprentice at the school, was living with him in 1937 while Jackson continued attending school, wrote to Charles Beard a family friend.

Significantly, the showing of these works was accompanied by an outpouring of interpretative writing, particularly by the champion of new art (and of the elite high-art concept the New York art critic Clement Greenberg (19091994 and later by Harold Rosenberg (19061978 who supported Willem. For a few months after his release he showed improvement. I comprehend it in part I am not equipped to write clearly on the subject to mention some of the symptoms will give you an idea of the nature of the problem, irresponsibility, depressive mania, over intensity and alcohol are some of the more obvious. Jackson Pollock was a man with many ideals that not many could understand. Henderson also spoke of the great diversity in the drawings that Pollock brought him. Jackson Pollock Biography Continues.