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Wally Broecker is 84 years old and drives to work at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory across the Hudson every day from the Upper West Side. In between scientific reticence and science fiction..
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Patel, Human Rights Quarterly 22(3) (2000 867-872. Retrieved b "Boko Haram admits abducting Nigeria girls from Chibok". He and his closest allies were fired with godly zeal for a righteous cause, and..
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Research plan for extended essay

research plan for extended essay

include in a Bibliography later. Know where youll find. Journal articles, primary research, hard copy books. Read Part 3: The Question). Most of the time its common sense; can you name the author? A good Extended Essay Bibliography should be a varied pick and mix selection* of online and off-line sources, modern dates, and obscure and established publications. What is the effect of different concentrations of kinetin on leaves aging and the biosynthesis of chlorophyll? What is the history of Chinese theatre?

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One way to plan a structure for your essay is by writing an outline.
Note: In an IB Extended Essay, the introduction must include the research question.
Developing a narrow, focused research question is an integral part of your extended essay process.

Keep track of everything! What window of time do you want your research to have come from?, or? Google Books : Free books! Work out whether research for you means gathering data compiled by someone else, creating your own data, reading other peoples opinions, or digging out hard facts. But if youre in DP1 of the IB that small thing students exchange program essay called the Extended Essay will be hovering on the horizon.