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Why plastic bags should not be banned essay

why plastic bags should not be banned essay

jobs throughout the state is not how Chicago has led the Midwest and not how it can succeed further in the future. Given the scale of the misinformation about the impact that plastic bags have on the environment, Chicago deserves better than the current debate over plastic bags. Because there are so many negative impacts from the use of plastic shopping bags, many cities and countries from around the world have already put plastic bag bans in place. . #8 Plastic bags have external costs. In the study discussed, 64 percent of reusable bags contained bacteria, 30 percent had higher bacteria counts than what is considered safe for drinking water, and 40 percent of the bags had yeast or mold. We only have one planet And we are destroying.

Ban plastic please, we are killing our mother earth, please stop this nonsense use recycled paper bags, instead of plastic bags. They are a part of our modern lives, and we dont tend to think much about them. . Not only does that mean an increase in fuel needed to get them to the United States, but in many cases, the bags from China contain toxic chemicals that aren't permitted in the production of bags in the states. Chicago should lead with smart, centrist policy that balances economic and environmental goals. Half of the bags used in the study, which included random reusable bags from customers in Los Angeles, Tucson, and San Francisco, were contaminated with "coliform bacteria, including li" according to professor Charles Gerba, in high enough amounts to be a serious health risk and.

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Therefore, one could argue that efforts spent trying to ban plastic bags is effort that could be put to better use elsewhere, perhaps on garbage issues that take up larger percentages of the litter and land pollution problem. The following are a number of reasons why local and national governments should consider instituting bans on plastic bags. I am in fourth grade and i have seen once beautiful places looking like a dump we need to ban plastic bags for the sake of the plaint earth! Report Post, introduction death of salesman essay we should ban plastic bags. Need to carry a lot of grocery bags at once? Their creation and shipment (they weigh less and take up less room than paper, therefore requiring less gas and fewer trucks to be transported) of plastic bags aren't as detrimental to the environment as one might think, at least by comparison. By comparison, the petroleum industry has become efficient enough to create very little waste, according to David Tyler. Petroleum-based plastic bags do not truly degrade. . Most of those are from China. Reusable Store bags are more efficient The whole reason we have plastic bags is for efficiency. The plastic in the replacement bags is thicker and a bigger threat to the environment than the thinner plastic in the free bags used in stores.

The following are a number of reasons why plastic bags should be banned.
The following are a number of reasons why local and national governments should consider instituting bans on plastic bags.
If plastic bags are not disposed of properly, they make their way to the drainage system, which in turn leads to the blockage of the drains and makes the.
Various states have banned the use of plastic bags and bottles.
The Central Government has also assessed the environmental damage caused.

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