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Economics ba thesis syllabus uchicago

economics ba thesis syllabus uchicago

23300,hist 33300,llso 23415,plsc 3280. Silberman Terms Offered: Spring plsc 23414. Note(s Students are required to submit the College Reading and Research Course Form. This course considers how Indonesia has managed to establish a surprisingly stable democratic regime since the late 1990s after more than forty years of dictatorship. The deadline for submitting two copies of a BA thesis to the departmental office is.m. The chair of the undergraduate major can approve courses from other institutions only if they have also been approved to count toward a University of Chicago degree. All were responding to the set of historical changes that we now frequently label the "rise of capitalism." But what is the precise relationship between the rise of capitalism and the Enlightenment? GRE scores are not required. Students can meet the writing requirement in the Long Paper Path with a paper written for another department, but they must also meet the requirement that they complete twelve courses in political science.

This course examines Congress from the perspective of the 535 senators and representatives who constitute. Writing a BA thesis will meet the writing requirement in political science and may also qualify a student for consideration for honors; see sections below for more information. This course is a survey of the major aspects of Japanese politics: party politics, bureaucracy, the diet, and political behavior in post-World War II Japan. A reading of two of the classic treatments of political rulership: Xenophon's The Education of Cyrus and Machiavelli's Prince. Additionally, the course develops critical interpretive skills through a selective engagement with scholarly analyses and approaches today. Instructor(s Brian Bitar Terms Offered: Not offered in 2014-15 Equivalent Course(s scth 20693,fndl 2066. Plato's themes include justice, courage, moderation, the best political order, civic education, and the proper role of philosophy in politics.

Equivalent Course(s jwsc 2661. What freedoms does a just society protect? This seminar will examine the development of the concept of power as a psychological principle in Hobbes, Spinoza, and Nietzsche. Note: Registration for plsc 29800 BA Colloquium is limited to the Spring Quarter of the third year, but attendance is required in both quarters. Double Majors Students who plan to double major may complete the political science requirements by either the BA Thesis Path or the Long Paper Path. Schmitt, Foucault, Arendt, Dewey, Rancière, and Pettit, among others, will help us cover themes like the role of experts, the relationship between the economy and politics, the effects of juridical language, and the desirability of conflict and partisanship. . Brehm Terms Offered: Spring Equivalent Course(s llso 2680. Introduction to Comparative Politics. This course examines armed conflict between states and criminal groups, with a focus on Latin Americas militarized drug wars. Courses Taken at Other Universities by Students Who Transfer to the University of Chicago Students transferring from other institutions who wish to apply credit to their political science major for course work taken at another institution should petition the program chair shortly after https artdesign gallery s01 essays 0378.pdf matriculation.

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