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Wagner, 1977 The Power to Tax / James Buchanan Geoffrey Brennan, 1980 The Reason of Rules / James Buchanan Geoffrey Brennan, 1985 John Rawls edit John Rawls (United States, 19212002) is widely..
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Carl Henry was the oldest of eight children. It is believed that his inner soul is a reflection of his physical deformities. True heroism is only achieved when a person achieves certain..
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Paper glossary of terms

paper glossary of terms

implementation costs down. A hierarchical file can be also be stored in a rectangular file. Routing The process of finding a path over which a packet can travel to reach its destination. Root directory The directory that contains all other directories. In contrast to a network server, which provides services to a user through an intermediary host computer. Word processing programs (like WordPerfect or Microsoft Word spreadsheet programs (like Lotus or Excel or database programs (like dBase III, Foxbase, or FileMaker) are all software. To play a laserdisc, you need a laserdisc player and either a computer monitor or television set. Carriage return The or key on your keyboard. Re-engineering The circular process of going from code to models then back to code that might be in a different language, use a different dbms or be more structured.

Glossary of Soil Science Terms Soil Science Society

paper glossary of terms

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Telecomputing Using computers for telecommunication; computer networking. Node A member of a network or a point where one or more functional units interconnect transmission lines. Only one signal may be present on the channel at a time and no single computer controls transmissions. R raid Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. Block A sequence of words or characters written contiguously, such as into a group, by a computer and stored on a disk, diskette, magnetic tape, etc. Encapsulation Combining or defining a data structure of attributes and a group of associated functions and behaviors as a single object. Signals require a certain size and location of bandwidth in order to be transmitted. Utility A specialized program that performs a frequently required everyday task such as sorting, report program generation, or file updating.

Microwave Bandwidth ranging above one gigahertz, used for high-speed data transmission. As a noun, the data so entered. Also refers to a contiguous collection of cylinders or blocks on a disk that are treated as a separate unit.

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