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Child is father of man essay

child is father of man essay

like Wordsworth and Shelley were pronounced dunces at school. The poem is still widely read today both by adults and children, mainly because of the deep meaning hidden. Macaulay who is famous for his astonishing memory read a lot even as a schoolboy, and remembered all that he had read. Let us learn about the same as well as the teachings it provides. The basic nature and behaviour of a person does not change with age or time. A person is not only responsible for his own conduct but his conducts and behaviour reflect the society too; hence it is important that the child is taught good moral values and to perform good deeds so that the child can make the world. Sometimes, no doubt, inborn talent may be suppressed through total neglect or misdirected training. It cannot be denied that later experiences play an important part in moulding a man's personality. The maxim indicates that the future of child depends upon his childhood activities. Like morning is the base of the day; childhood is the base of the overall personality and character of a man.

child is father of man essay

Find long and short essay on Child is Father of the Man for Children and Students.
Essay on Child is the Father of Man.

Florence Nightingale early in her life, indications of her future course of life. Child IS THE father OF MAN. The analytical paper thesis statement nature he displayed as an adult was adopted by him in his childhood itself. It is thus important for the parents to set good examples. The idiom was originally written by the famous poet William Wordsworth.

But in the long run, native talent or aptitude for a particular work will definitely emerge and the man will achieve distinction in sphere to which is properly belongs. It means that all the qualities, mental, moral and physical, which will be found in the future man are potentially present in the child. Then the child may not get opportunity to develop its natural bent of mind. Child is the father of man. While, teachers and parents play a vital role in making the child's future brighteq by guiding him and protecting him from the evil-works. Through the proverb the child is father of the man, William Wordsworth wants to portray that as a child, he used to enjoy every little things such as rainbow and even as a man he enjoyed rainbow with the same zeal and vigour. Shivaji as a boy showed a keen interest in politics and was fond of hearing stories from the Indian epics. They must always try to educate and nurture the child in a manner that he becomes a positive and happy man who serves the society at large.

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