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Jury system essay

jury system essay

outset of the case. Once the magistrate was ready, he would then meet separately with both sides and, if appropriate, make a recommendation, such as to dismiss the case (if he thought the proof was weak to proceed to trial (if he thought there was no reasonable plea bargain. Furthermore, the prosecutor controls the decision to charge the defendant with a crime. Research indicates that young, unintelligent, or risk-averse defendants will often provide false confessions just because they cannot take the heat of an interrogation. Brittany Murray/Long Beach Press-Telegram/AP Images Brian Banks and his lawyer from the Innocence Project at the dismissal of his wrongful conviction on rape and kidnapping charges, Long Beach, California, May 2012. While corresponding statistics for the fifty states combined are not available, it is a rare state where plea bargains do not similarly account for the resolution of at least 95 percent of the felony cases that are not dismissed; and again, the plea bargains usually. Our criminal justice system is premised on the notion that, before we deprive a person of his liberty, he will have his day in court,.e., he will be able to put the government to its proof and present his own facts and arguments, following. Why should we cavil at the empowering of prosecutors that has brought us this result? First, it is one-sided. Every criminal defense lawyer (and I was both a federal prosecutor and a criminal defense lawyer before going on the bench) has had the experience of a client who first tells his lawyer he is innocent and then, when confronted with a preview of the. Honoré Daumier: A Criminal Case, the criminal justice system in the United States today bears little relationship to what the Founding Fathers contemplated, what the movies and television portray, or what the average American believes. Is not the plea bargain system we have now substituted for our constitutional ideal similarly rigged?

To the Founding Fathers, the critical element in the system was the jury trial, which served not. By Lt Daniel Furseth. Today, I stopped caring about my fellow man. I stopped caring about my community, my neighbors, and those I serve. I stopped caring today because a once noble profession has become despised, hated, distrusted, and mostly unwanted.

Probably not, but it likely would reduce their number. The outcome is very largely determined by the prosecutor alone. Furthermore, in both the state and federal systems, the power to determine the terms of the plea bargain is, as a practical matter, lodged largely in the prosecutor, with the defense counsel having little say and the judge even less. In certain circumstances, the magistrate might interview witnesses or examine other evidence, again under seal so as not to compromise any partys strategy. How prevalent clarity in research paper is the phenomenon of innocent people pleading guilty? Such a secretive system inevitably invites arbitrary results. Undoubtedly, which is why I would recommend that it first be tried as a pilot program.