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The Davis standard holds that a single comment or thoughtless remark by a student does not equal harassment; harassment requires a pattern of objectively offensive behavior by one student that interferes with..
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When I said I was on holiday, trying to relax, and that I didnt want to answer his questions, he grew indignant. If the above seems a sparing assessment of a..
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Essay about having zoos

essay about having zoos

animals. Every zoo that I've seen had a little sign in front of the animal telling a little bit about the animal and where its from so you learn a lot about the animals that you may have never known without visiting a zoo. The Audubon institute is also concerned with the preservation of wildlife species and helping in the mating process. When animals are at the zoo they are subjected to abnormal and or dangerous situations, such as fake shrubbery, artificial rocks and zoo psychosis a condition in which animals are under extreme stress as well as depression. In conclusion, it appears that taking custody of animals in zoos has more advantages than disadvantages. Boxed up and shipped away, many of these animals will be afraid, and alone.

Essays on zoos have appeared in the ielts test before and this was a question that was recently in the test.
However, zoos display good as well as bad sides of them.
This essay seeks to present some advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals.

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It is beneficial for most wild animals since they receive maximum protection and they have an assurance that they are safe at all times. The pros include the protection of animal rights basing on the level of risks animals living in the natural world face. Are zoo's good or bad? Your Answer Is Very Helpful For. Zoos-world, audobon Research Institute(2013). Another reason is that a trip to the zoo can be very educational. I think that zoo's can be good and bad. One reason that zoo's are good because people get a chance to see animals that only live in certain parts of the world. Nowodays, a lot of animals live in zoos. In conclusion, it seems that keeping wild animals in zoos is more benefical than harmful.

Next Update Will Be About: 14 : 59 : 59, become a Member. In a recent study by Andrew Balmford, a professor from Cambridge University stated  that zoo goers were not learning anything about the zoo animals, nor their habitats or conservation( Dinfielder, and Balmford 2007). I think the article talked about only the zoos bad side which is very sad but Im sure that we can find a lot of zoos which shows us the opposite. Animals are playing an important role in our daily life. I think in most of the zoos the zoo owners try to verify the good treatment because the visitors dislike to see sick or bad tempered animals.

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