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Racial profiling driving while black essay

racial profiling driving while black essay

a New Jersey police officer and criminal justice professor at West Chester University, police corruption can start at low levels such as accepting coffee from convenience stores, subconsciously providing more police presence in return (Martin 2011). These numerous accounts leave one with the perception that our police forces are using race as the primary basis for making a majority of traffic stops (Green 6A). At many times, these minorities have been stopped and arrested for illegal offenses, however we are not sure if these stories have been filed truthfully by law enforcement officers. National Journal, V31, N17. Police officers stop, question and even search black drivers who have committed no crime, based on the excuse that a traffic offense has occurred. Police officials continue to deny their personnel practice racial profiling on routine stops. The lessons reached a point where they were distorted and ineffective and now the police instead based suspicion on race and ethnicity.

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Racial, profiling : Driving, while, black is a Real Offense
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For example, Californias former Governor Pete Wilson vetoed a bill requiring police in his state to collect data on the nationality, gender and age of everyone they stop. Racial profiling: Ethical Thought in Criminal Justice Professionals. Political opposition to the practice of racial profiling is mounting, President Clinton has it morally indefensible and has ordered federal law enforcement officials to collect 8 information on the race and sex of people they stop. The practice has commonly come to be known as ;driving while black; meaning that so long as you;re black and driving, chances of an arrest are very high. According to Byars (2009 racial profiling is the practice of considering or targeting a particular group based on ethnicity, gender, nationality or religion to be associated with crime. A study by Smith and Petrocelli (2001 cited by Coates (2004 which aimed at establishing the frequency of racial profiling by traffic police in Virginia, city of Richmond. This solution can only work if districts, departments, and law enforcement officers can truthfully carry out these procedures. S stirring I have a Dream speech at the historic march on Washington in August of 1963. When the policeman examined the ID he could not believe that Rep. Tens of thousands of innocent motorists on highways across the country are victims of racial profiling, and these discriminatory police stops have reached epidemic proportions in recent years. According to Aguirre, (2004 the police officers were known to pull over motorists based on race and then they would engage the driver in a heated conversation and search their vehicle. It would seem that skin color alone may very well make you a suspect in America, and more likely to be stopped by our law enforcement personnel.

It has been used to make laws. These laws made it punishable by imprisonment and legal to force an African American into servitude for loitering, being unemployed, drunk, or being in debt. If the black community does not trust the police, how are they supposed to support the community as a whole? A committee similar to this has been formed because of the Law Enforcement Trust and Integrity Act of 2000, called the Task Force on Law Enforcement Oversight. According to Aguirre, (2004 ethical behavior is about treating other people with the respect they deserve and also showing fairness, honesty, and goodness.

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