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Stress can be dangerous because exposure to long-term stress can harm the body, it can influence high blood pressure and heart disease (How Stress Affects the Body). Who has not stressed over..
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Whether it is the humor or the characters, most authors carry their quirks from story to story. Setting, physical Setting, a shop-lot in London, the London Hospital, and the countryside. This was..
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A typical school day essay

a typical school day essay

Why? We have two lessons from half-past one to half-past three and then it is home-time. Sometimes I do homework till the late night. Then quickly I sort out my books for the day and meet my friend at the corner of my street at ten past eight. Yeah -4-5, my mum put me in nursey which starts at around 3 but its optional. Of course its too early for. By nine oclock I always try to finish doing my homework so then I can relax by talking to my family and watching television. And undoubtedly, Im looking for a wekend. During this lesson, we usually read a set A level textbook, and then comment and discuss the language and style.

a typical school day essay

Some daysys none some days about 3 -Ummm I don't know -Pshh lots sometimes you can get like 12 when your in year 11 -Bus, car, walking -You not supposed to have ipod, jewellery and phones but as long as you keep it hidden your. With the first of the many bells ringing throughout the building. Sixth form pupils must attend the subject lessons that they choose, either O level or A level standard. At 5-6 oclock I like to play with my friends. I get away and go to the bus stop. I go to our schhol (university) canteen. I usually have 6 lessons (4 classes).

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Yes, my school if you have more then 3 lates you go a detention but since year 11 I've been late so many times and they haven't done nothing. After registration, lessons begin. In April this year were going to atom and void essays on science and community be in school for only 8 days -Saturday and Sunday. I learn a lot of interesting things and I have many friends. Um you go camping year 7 and 8 and 6th form (to look after the year 7's and 8's) and then there's a ski trip to California for all years, a trip in 6th to New York and a trip to France and Germany for. Its rather tasty food. I hate it but I just talk -Your bag you have to carry them in our school -Fighting or something or constant bad behaviour -Umm a least one day a month. But some days I try to have a rest before my sleep.

a typical school day essay

I put on my school uniform and get ready for school.
I hitch a ride with my dad to my school.
So Im at school (university).
But some days I try to have a rest before my sleep.