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Short essay on volleyball in english

short essay on volleyball in english

blocking (Mario. All Answers ltd, 'The Game Of Volleyball Physical Education Essay' (m, October 2018) p?vref1 accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. If the serve touches the net and goes to the opponents side, it must be played. If at any point the ball hits the floor, the side that the ball landed on it is a point for the other team. Volleyball has today become very famous. Rules of Volleyball and how is it played? Contents, in 1895, William. Very often the players violate the rules when they are not able to serve the ball to their opponents. The ball must be served (hit) from outside the court, otherwise it will be regarded as a foul. m, ml (accessed October 13, 2018). This will help us to have a happy life, stay fit and a longer life.

Serve: to put the ball into play from the end line. To play volleyball, it essay about importance of moral education is a team game and would have a total of twelve players, with six players on each side. With time volleyball started to become famous like boxing, football, handball etc. The players in the front line can change their position only after the serve. When a player blocks the ball by jumping more than the height of the net and the attacker gets the ball back it is called stuff. Each team is allowed twelve substitution players.

Now the rules are the same except for the height of the net, the mens net is higher. Ace happens when a player serves the ball to the opponent but it drops to their side without anyone touching. Every sport has its rules so that everyone plays the game fairly and there is no cheating. Set: overhead pass that allows a player to spike Bump: an underhand pass performed when a ball is below the shoulders Spike: a hard driven ball aimed at the opponents. Also pancaking is a form of passing. The uniforms for both men and women have changed.