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Plastic pollution essay in tamil

plastic pollution essay in tamil

into tiny pieces that go into the water bodies and enter the soil. It is called plastic pollution. Individuals should strive to dispose of plastic materials only in designated areas like dustbins. Introduction, plastic pollution has become a growing concern worldwide. It is thus a challenge to dispose it off. Meaning of Plastic Pollution, plastic pollution is the introduction of plastic products into the environment which then upset the existing ecosystems in different ways. When this happens, the air can be polluted due to the bad smell of decomposing materials.

plastic pollution essay in tamil

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Plastic pollution, caused due to plastic waste, has reached alarming heights and is increasing rapidly with every passing day.
It has become a cause.

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An ideal thing to do would be to make use of reusable water bottles. Failure to recycle: Failure to recycle or reuse plastic materials is another major cause of plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is damaging our environment rapidly. Read more, ocean Habitats and Plastic Pollution Essay 987 words - 4 pages Ocean habitats are being destroyed everyday due to plastic pollution. The government must not allow any more plastic manufacturers in the market to keep a tab on the production of the items made of plastic. They are also a cause of many serious illnesses. Using Plastic Disposables: People who host parties and use plastic disposable cups, plates, forks and knives are the main culprits here. Individuals, companies, and even nations engage in commercial fishing because it is an important source of income and revenue. Here are few steps they should follow: Keep a Tab on Plastic Production With the increasing demand of plastic products in the market, the number of factories manufacturing plastic is increasing worldwide. Commercial fishing where plastic nets are used introduce toxins into the ocean and pollute the water. The business community has its role to play.

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plastic pollution essay in tamil