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Essays on slavery in the south

essays on slavery in the south

human nature. They twisted logic, going so far as blaming the South for the troubles of African Americans in the North. Slavery provided the North with the validation they needed for their crusade against the South. Most slaves, however, would not be given this opportunity because most plantation owners would see this as a waste of time. After 1830, there were still plantation districts with large concentrations of slaves, and slave owners retained enough political power to defeat all challenges to their property interests. Because of all of this the Southerners felt as if slavery was indeed a necessity and their agricultural economy orbited around slavery.

The labor market for railroad construction and manufacturing work was strong enough to attract northern immigrants and help reduce the loss of the native-born population that had migrated to other states. Their solution was slavery (this perhaps explains the Norths fairly sudden shift from pro-slavery ideals to a sudden staunch abolitionist ideology).

Another reason why the southerners clung to this belief of slavery being a necessity no matter how evil how write a personal statement was because southern agrarian communities were in fact centered on slavery. They portrayed slavery as a part of Gods plan for civilizing a primitive people. They compared their supposed orderly religious and harmonious society to the Northerners supposed individualistic and tumultuous environment. The treatment of slaves was generally deplorable and even the kindest plantation masters were more concerned with making a profit than making sure their slaves were treated well. Many plantation owners relied on slaves and their work to help get the money and crops they needed. By exploiting the issue of slavery, the North was able to blame Americas woes on the South, specifically on slavery in the South. They knew that slavery was increasingly confined to the Lower South, and that elsewhere in the South white support for it was gradually eroding. This paralyzing fear rotted in racism, long shielded slavery from sustained attack. This defense clearly represented the exact image of the so-called free labor argument that had become a very popular idealistic theory in the North.

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