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Essay japanese martial old school tradition

essay japanese martial old school tradition

furyu, and adds a few new pieces (most notably "Keppan: Blood Vows in Japanese Martial Traditions. His well-informed and well-written speculation is both welcome and entertaining. Some of the material covers womens' roles, and in some ways their descriptions framed the complex contradictions of kory: petite, immaculately turned out, precisely polite ladies that can launch a slash with a three foot razor blade to open your femoral artery and then your. Ellis Amdur is a noted, legitimate Japanese martial artist and historian with some thought provoking and fun to read books. It has a great deal to tell us, and everyone who loves these arts, east or west, old school or new school, should have a copy. More than one book is usually more than two pounds but less than five. Hard to explain, and possibly for another blog about war and culture. Old School is a perfect companion both to Amdur's first book, Dueling with O-sensei, and our own "Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan" series. In this privately published volume, Amdur collects a number of essays originally published in the.

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Other books by Ellis Amdur available. To me, the martial arts of Medieval Italy are morereal. But even if one can correctly learn the mechanics of wielding ancient, obscure weapons in choreographed or mock combat, what precisely is the point? I have played with, and enjoyed, Kendo, Iado, and Aikido, but I suspect that a lifetime of study in the world of Classics essay on blind faith in religion and the European Middle Agesand reenacting the samehas walled me off from my ability to fall in love with Japan. Contact m, last modified on December 27, 2017. And makes a strong case for the allure of the practice and discipline even in this day. Jdô, kendô, aikidô) - the notion of swords as sidearms, not a main weapon of war - solid, well-informed analysis of the issues that kory face today and in the future: maintaining relevance and combat efficiency, and the growing attractive overseas versus declining interest. All the essays have been carefully revised and are illustrated with plentiful photographs and illustrations (masterfully drawn by Eric Johnson).

The book spans the ancient history of kory to today, when modern Japanese life makes kory life at once more accessible, with kory that would not even practice in public in ages past now providing demonstrations for TV, selling pre-recorded instructional videos and websites, yet. And yetperhaps the best thing about the book is the authors deep and evident respect for the entire edifice of Japanese Martial Artshis interest in how close they came to extinction like their European cousins, and his appreciation that changes are not always bad, and. contents 2003 Koryu Books. In fa 'Old School' is a remarkable book in several ways. 5.5".25" paperback; with photographs. Please allow 2-4 days for US Priority Mail delivery; 2 weeks for Priority International Delivery. And he provides that, too. As usual, Amdur challenges us with his insights in this must-read collection on the Japanese martial traditions.