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Growing up with grandparents essay

growing up with grandparents essay

is probably the least important factor in forming close relationships. Grandparents can indirectly teach children the lessons that they need to learn by joking and kidding with them, talking about growing up, giving advice, discussing problems, providing discipline, taking trips, teaching a skill or game, or talking about disagreements the child had with the parents. This couple, Dan and Betty, even came with me to grandparent events at school. A role is defined by the "set of expectations, rights, obligations, behaviors, and duties associated with a particular status position" (Newman 592). It's a classic image: happy children on their grandparents' knees, giddy with excitement just to be together and getting spoiled with gifts and food they can't get from their parents. On the other hand, grandparents have already been through parenthood, making them more confident, and therefore, more relaxed in their attitude towards raising children (Kornhaber). Maybe if we could, the world would be a tiny bit better.

growing up with grandparents essay

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There was 90 years between my grandmother and my son, and yet she was still interested in knowing everything about his life, from his friends to his days at school. When young people mix regularly with the older generations, it builds a stronger understanding which helps to eliminate prejudice. They have grandchildren of my generation, though the eldest is about five years younger than me, and always referred to me, half-jokingly, as their oldest grandchild. It's such a normalized part of the cliché childhood that the lack of it often inspires feelings of sadness, confusion, and even jealousy toward people who do have. Even so, growing up without my blood relatives required a fair bit of adapting on my part; the idea of how kids and their grandparents were "supposed" to be was so omnipresent that it felt like something that made me different from other kids and. I never had to feel alone, because there was a family who treated us like their own, even though we shared absolutely no DNA. Do we ever fully realize the extent that we can change other people's lives with compassion and open arms? Not only does interaction between generations help the young to appreciate the elderly, it also fosters an understanding of the young from the older person's point of view. Image Source: Amanda Prahl. Having regular contact with younger family members often adds a spark to the lives of the elderly.

I was too young to fully understand all the complicating factors that had nothing to do with me; all I knew was that it felt like my grandmother was disinterested in me and my life. They were there for every birthday, school play, and major event in my life. Mostly, though, they have given me love and support which I shall always cherish. Anyone observing show more content, grandparents influence their grandchildren both directly, through face-to-face interaction, and indirectly, by providing emotional support (Doucette-Dudman 98).

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