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Short essay on importance of cleanliness

short essay on importance of cleanliness

detergent. Whenever we take out our shoes, we must clean our leg with soap with a little massage. So you need to clean to get rid of the dust. Tooth brush is not sufficient. Essays, the Newest Essay Topics, index samples by all dates, join us: Copyright StudentShare. It not only protects you from poor health, but also protects those around you from suffering ailments, that arise from poor personal hygiene.

short essay on importance of cleanliness

We must cut our nails regularly. Procedures of cleanliness are of utmost importance in many forms of manufacturing. Conclusion: Cleanliness is not the responsibility of only one person however; it is the responsibility of each and every person living in the home, city and country. Home, essays new topic short essay on cleanliness. It is a filthy habit that can spread germs and cause health issues. Our Locality: Cleanliness is our social, important responsibility just like other social duties. Cleanliness is one of the most critical practice to maintain a clean and healthy environment. It is because many of us don't know about those newly developed cleaning equipments. We should not spit here and there and also must not throw garbage or anything on the road also. The germs of cholera and other deadly plagues are carried through the air with the dust that is seldom wanting under a tropical sun.

short essay on importance of cleanliness

The practice of hand washing and bathing is necessary to keep ourselves clean.
The cleaning of environment is very important.
The environment is may be your home, your school, or your office.

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