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Research paper on culture media

research paper on culture media

look into animal cell culture, which has been focus of more recent research, can guide further development of microbial media. These problems led to the discovery of an alternative gelling agent agar. One hundred lymph nodes from pigs ( n 50) and wild boars ( n 50) with lymphadenitis were collected in slaughterhouses in the State of So Paulo and were assessed on these three selective media for. The bacteria essay on beauty of kashmir in hindi settle mainly in the mandibular, gastrohepatic, internal iliac, and retropharyngeal ganglia as well as in the liver, kidneys, joints, and reproductive organs. Dominant colonies were characterized and identified based on morphological features and biochemical tests.

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Given the current limitations of microbial growth in lab, formulation of newer media should be a much needed thrust area of modern biology. However, besides mycobacteria, egg-based media have also been found to support growth of certain anti heroism essay other pathogenic bacteria like. For this analysis, three different culture media were used: Brucella agar, Farrell medium, and cita medium. This result is due to the addition of the antimicrobial amphotericin B, which interacts with a steroid present in the membrane of the fungus and causes the loss of selective permeability of the membrane and cytoplasmic components. There was no bacterial or fungal growth on any of the plates cultured with material from the lymph nodes of pigs or wild boar. Abortus B19 (Biovet) and. Starch and protein substitutes like cow pea, green gram and black gram have also been used to reduce the cost of microbial media. The same Brucella medium base was also supplemented with Farrell antimicrobials (oxoid) and 5 fetal bovine serum (Farrell medium). In the earlier days, isolation of bacteria for preparation of pure culture was very difficult in liquid media. Conclusion The combined use of cita and Farrell media showed good results, inhibiting contaminants in pig and wild boar lymph nodes collected from slaughterhouses and enabling the isolation of Brucella species from lymph nodes that were experimentally contaminated. Microorganisms are almost omnipresent, very diverse and indispensable to human survival.

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